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As a global obstacles are growing due to COVID 19 outbreak, Businesses are under tremendous challenges. Many Organizations have to elaborate their readiness about the impact it may have on the Businesses after COVID 19.

We at Lexellence encourage  every Businesses to  form and execute a strong Business Resumption and Continuity plan . 


We are specifying herewith Business Resumption / Continuity plan and advises every businesses to refer the same as it will provide a level of prevention and protection for the most Important properties of Businesses : Goodwill,Financial Impacts,Information,Associates and Stakeholders . 

Investing in Shares of Company?
Here's how to read companies cash position or cash flow

Reading a cash flow statement can be useful for investors or analysts who want to understand the sources and uses of cash for a company during a particular period. Here's how to read a cash flow statement of a company.
The cash flow statement of a Company is an important financial document that shows how a company generates and uses cash during a specific period of time, typically a quarter or a year.

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